John DuPriest




It seems that when my clients write a testimonial letter some of them tend to write a book. I suppose I should apologize for the length but on the other hand I don't believe in influencing this in any way. So here they are - original & uncut: (Copies of signed originals available upon request)

Email from two Veterinarians.............

Dear John,

I wanted to write this letter to thank you for all the help you have provided to me and my wife since we bought (and sold) our property in Penryn, CA.  We had been working with another agent when we were searching for our property, but never felt like she was able to come to understand our needs and desires for a home. We decided on a new agent, you, and were delighted in the immediate results the switch gave us. You took the time to listen to us and were able to find many properties that were what we were searching for. You really knew what we wanted. 

Buying that house in Penryn was not easy and we remember some difficult times prior to, and during escrow. You guided us through the grueling process and negotiated on our behalf better than we could have ever dreamed of. The result was us obtaining the house we wanted at the price we were hoping for.  We recently had to leave that house due to work obligations and again we retained your services. Again, escrow dragged on much longer than expected (in fact we were ready to give up on our buyers!); but again, you helped make the deal happen. I remember making the comment that you held on to the deal like a bulldog! You advocated for us and helped keep the buyers on course even when their agent couldn’t do it.

We are so grateful for your willingness to go the extra mile for us. You served as a consultant for us when we bought a house in another locale with another agent. You had told us that you were “our agent for life” and you really have been just that. Any time we have needed advice or help, you have provided that help. Even when you have nothing to gain monetarily! It is obvious your job is a calling and not just a means to an income. My wife and I are grateful to you for all you’ve done.


Chris “Shac” Shacoski, DVM


Email from a Homeowner in Arlington Va.................

Dear John,

I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to write you this note of appreciation, but, believe it or not, I am still processing my Mother's estate in Virginia which continues to take considerable time.

I wanted to thank you for helping me sell my Mom's house in Fiddletown, CA this year. You were invaluable in advising me on the market and my various options. I thought it magnanimous of you to advise and recommend a local real estate agent. It showed that you truly had my interests in mind.

The Agent that you recommended, Mr. Mike Butler of Coldwell Banker in Placerville, was superb. His local knowledge of the market and attention to details made the listing and ultimate sale a total success. I got more money for the house and it sold faster than I expected in this market. (In contrast, I still haven't sold my Mom's house in Virginia.)

Because I live in Virginia, Mike took care of numerous physical issues with the house from making sure the hot water heater had the proper straps (code requirement) to removing fallen trees on the property. Many of these issues would have been impossible for me to manage from a distance or, at the very least, would have cost me a lot of money and time.

You communicated with Mike often and kept me informed of my options and in general made me feel comfortable with the whole process. Having a separate set of eyes and having someone that I trust to fall back upon for a second opinion really helped.

So please accept this belated thank you note and I hope your business and clients continue to prosper.

Dwight Foster, Arlington, VA   October 20, 2008


".......and I've dealt with many."
  Dr. & Mrs Conti purchased a horse operation through Mr. DuPriest which involved a home, six-stall horse barn, pole barn and riding arena on five acres. DuPriest represented both Buyers and Sellers in this transaction.


You are the most thorough and responsible agent I have ever dealt with. And I've dealt with many.

Sebastian Conti, MD"


Chocolate Chip Cookies!
  (5/29/2007 - Hand-delivered note card with a $75.00 gift certificate to Zinfandel Grill and a huge plate of home-made chocolate chip cookies!)


Thank you for your help buying and selling our homes. Your kindness, generosity and hard work made it possible for us to own a home we have dreamed of. We really appreciate the many ways you have helped us.

Thank you!

Michele, Tim, Jackie and Brooke"


Fixing the Mess!   
  Mr. DuPriest was retained by Greg & Jill Nelson to fix a mess created in most part by their listing agent whom they determined to be unresponsive and incompetent. They expressed their brief thanks in a note card:

Thank you so much for fixing the mess and getting it done.  An outstanding job!

Greg & Jill
April 20, 2007


"You amaze and inspire me....."   
  Praise is always most appreciated but praise from one's peers when it is entirely unsolicited and unexpected is always special. The following is a thank you card from a fellow Realtor with whom I worked on a transaction. I am not mentioning her name here but will share the original card and name upon request;

February 2007

You amaze and inspire me
as a Realtor and
a human being.

Your incredible attention
to detail in how you
post and showcase a listing
is a very welcome experience.

The dedication to your family
through your contributions to your
community is a beautiful
example of a good old fashioned life.

Pleased to know you!




  The Domino Trust
7481 Quinn Place
Loomis, CA 95650
(928) 486-4438

June 2, 2006

To whom it may concern:

We just recorded the sale of our Loomis mini-ranch in which John's experience and marketing skills produced two full price offers of $1.5 million. Prior to his efforts it had been on the market with a Realtor from one of those "big" companies for 185 days without a single showing much less an offer.

Late last year after interviewing several Realtors we selected John for his experience, knowledge of country properties and for his positive demeanor and energy. His record speaks for itself as do testimonials on his website from past clients. He has been a full time Realtor in South Placer and Sacramento Counties for 34 years. His knowledge of zoning, land parcels, domestic wells, septic systems, irrigation water and easements as well as mutual road & waterline agreements seems endless.

All of that knowledge proved to be vital in our transaction.

Once again, based on John's experience, he counseled us to wait until March to put our property back on the market. He explained to us that most real estate activity eased off considerably between Thanksgiving and mid-January. That proved to be sound advice.

While doing all of this on our Loomis ranch and using his Internet expertise, he located an agent in the Roseburg, Oregon area who found our replacement property. John then proceeded to guide us through that purchase.

John DuPriest is always available, only a phone call away regardless of the day & hour. In fact he advertises and boasts that I answer my own phone 98% of the time. Try Me!? With us it was 99.5% of the time. I only recall two instances out of maybe 100 calls in which I left a message. Still he got back to me within the hour. If you hate voice mail with long instructions and numerous selections or Realtors that never call back or only call back when they want to, John is your Realtor.

I suggest you make a few test calls. Call some Realtors at random then call John on his personal number (916) 933-2185.

Jeri L. Pfeiffer, Trustee
1968 Bayshore Rd.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404
(928) 486-4438



“Three homes, one client!”


John Chiatello Soma Development LLC

220 Halleck Street Suite 110

San Francisco, CA 94129

415-561-3400 o

415-561-3404 f


September 17, 2006


To whom it may concern:


We recently selected John DuPriest to market three homes in the Roseville area. He came highly recommended to us by a business contact who previously enlisted John's services.


The Sacramento market was softening and we knew the marketing of our three homes would have to be vigorous and sustained. John met all of our expectations. Within 48 hours he took his own photos, created custom flyers and created his own virtual tours. All the information was immediately posted on the MLS and on his own state-of-the-art website.


He advertised the properties relentlessly, and promoted them via his mass-mail database to clients and selected real estate agents. He even arranged to have all three homes available on weekend Open House by inviting two fellow Realtors to hold two open while he was at the third.


I came to appreciate and respect John's knowledge, negotiating skills and how invaluable his 35 years as a Real Estate broker in the area were. He is a hard worker and kept us informed on a regular basis, something that in my experience many agents fail to do.


John's professionalism makes him a wise choice for any Real Estate undertaking.


John Chiatello



And thanks for the "Cadillac of a truck"  
  July 15, 2005

John DuPriest
The Trace Corporation
2805 Twelve Oaks Drive
PO Box 121
Penryn, CA 95663


Thank you for all your help in successfully selling our home. We are no newcomers to the real estate business, and over the years we have met all sorts of realtors, both professional and not so professional. Your professionalism has been exemplary from day one.

Your experience in market analysis helped us get our home appropriately priced for the market. Most impressive, however, was your leadership through the escrow process. It being a particularly busy time for Veronica and I, it was invaluable to have someone who proactively scheduled necessary inspections, followed up on necessary paperwork, and kept us informed of the progress before we could ask. Your faxed escrow updates to all parties was a welcome touch I have not seen before.

Finally, free access to your "Cadillac" of a moving van was the icing on the cake.

Thanks again for all your assistance. We will be passing your name on to our friends, and will look you up should we again have real estate needs in Placer County.


Tom & Veronica Ferrel


Representing the Buyer AND Seller Again!!  


It is without a doubt my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of The Trace Corporation and Mr. John DuPriest Realtor and broker Over the years I have purchased properties for living and investment and to find a person of John's expertise and character is indeed rare.

I recently purchased a land parcel in Penryn and John represented both the seller and myself. He did so with candor, impartiality and was professional at all times. One would expect this but from my experience it doesn't occur often. John went much further than I had expected. With the knowledge that I plan on building on the property in the near future, John personally took me to the building dept in Auburn and escorted me to every office I would eventually work with. After my visit, it was very clear by the manner John was received at each office he has the respect of the Placer county building department employees and this alone eased my fears of the process of building.

Additionally, the seller was not one who took the contract seriously in certain areas. John maintained his personable but professional approach and continued to work issues of concern by finding alternatives that worked for both parties and even though the close of escrow date was moved numerous times due to seller delays, John always kept his professional "calm" and continued to keep the process moving forward.

I sincerely believe if it weren't for John Dupriest, I would have given up on this purchase. I am now in the phase of reviewing floor plans and having a plot plan prepared for my new home. I'm sure when I purchase more property in the future, I will call on John to represent me.

John has my number if any of his clients would like to talk with me.


Will Mullins
Real Estate Investor


Another Dual Representation  
  November 23, 2003

Dear John,
Now that we have settled into our beautiful new home, we'd like to take a moment to thank you for all of your time, energy, and commitment towards getting us into the house that was truly meant for us, and for selling our former home.
We entrusted you with the dual role as our selling agent and as the buying agent for the people that purchased our former home. You performed this role with due diplomacy. We felt comfortable and confident, throughout the sales transaction, that you would treat us fairly and honestly and you truly did.
We appreciate your tireless effort in seeking out exactly what we were looking for, even when it meant countless phone calls, showings, and repeated internet searches. Speaking of phone calls, the fact that you were available to answer our questions at any time of the day was far beyond our expectations. You made us feel as if we were your only clients, which we're sure is a testament to your 30 years of success in the realty business.
Without hesitation, we will happily and wholeheartedly refer any family, friends, or co-workers your way. All the best -- and continued success.

Todd & Kelly Boynton


Awesome Agent?!!!  
  John DuPriest
The Trace Corporation
Penryn California

John the Awesome Agent:

I can honestly say without reserve that you, John, are the best! I really don't think anyone can do it better. The professional and personal care you provide "your people" is at a level few care to achieve in today's sometimes careless business climate. Your talent and the network you have created over the many years you have served in your profession took excellent care, both us and the sellers of our property.

Now that we are here, it isn't surprising to us (Pam, Rich and myself) that the purchase of our "Dream Home" with its 10 acres in foothills above Lincoln was in the most capable hands available. All the details were handled with a confidence and certainty that allowed us to rejoice throughout the entire transaction, the quick 30 day escrow and the post move-in period.

We can never thank you enough, John. You are in our prayers.

Warmest Regards,

"The Shamrockers"

Lauren Mitchell
Pamela Levardi
Richard Blomberg
August 27, 2002


A Satisfied Dual Agency
  (Thank you card received 10/3/2002. This was another dual agency transaction. Murray-Febres were sellers of 5735 Cobblestone to Buyers Todd & Kelly Boynton. The Boytons then sold Cobblestone a year later and bought a larger home - See letter dated 11/23/2003 above.))


What can we say? It was an adventure to say the least! Thank you so much for all of your help and expertise. We really appreciate you going above and beyond the ordinary. We think being your neighbor is an added bonus! (Don't know how you feel about this however!! Ha! Ha!) Mostly, we appreciate your friendship! Thank you John for making my Dream Home a reality!!! We love you!

Lots of love and hugs,

Diane Murray and Joey Febres


Collier Thank You Note  
  Mr. DuPriest:

Thank you for all your hard work & fighting for us!

You scored big for us on this one. Everyone who visits thinks we got the deal of a lifetime.

Bill, Holley & Hailey Collier
3368 Cambridge Road
Cameron Park, CA 95682
(Thank you card received 9/9/2001)




Furen Testimonial Letter  
  Walter E. Furen
9 Bosque Loop
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 87505

September 28, 2000

To Whom it May Concern,

This is to publicly express Mrs. Furen's and my deep respect and appreciation for the Real Estate Brokerage, The Trace Corporation, and its principal, Mr. John DuPriest, of Penryn, CA.

As we had been earlier acquainted with John, and knew something of his professionalism, his diligence and his planning and execution skills, we enlisted him to sell a home for us in absentia. The home is in east Roseville Ca, and we reside in Santa Fe. The home had been previously listed by a large nationally known firm for approximately three months. During this early listing, NOTHING HAPPENED! I point out that the home is a lovely four bedroom, three bath, 10 year old home in a gated fully landscaped community. John cheerfully, and confidently took on this property challenge. His first step was to produce a highly professional Property Profile And Market Analysis. Not one he "borrowed" from the previous listing, but one he researched and produced himself. This document really caught our attention. We agreed to his analysis, his suggested asking price, which was considerably lower than the previous price, which John attributed to unrealistic, and asked him to proceed. We had hoped we would not have to go to additional expense to travel to and perhaps reside temporarily in Roseville to attend to the many details of yard work, house and garage clearing, repairs, etc., etc. John assured us this would not be necessary, that he would handle it all in close consultation with us in Santa Fe.

For the remaining time of the listing, John always kept us currently and timely informed, as to whether an offer was in the offing and what his opinion of the offer may be, and on more than one occasion, John drafted the language for our approval, for our response or counter to the offer. In finality a satisfactory offer was tendered, and again John provided outstanding assistance in offering practical and useful and honest advice as to our courses of action. He drafted appropriate language always with our interest in mind( we never had a time when we felt John was trying to rush us into a decision, not to our advantage), not rushing toward a commission. In short , we closed at an acceptable and fair price, at a time frame favorable to us, with no hassle or need to travel to Roseville, with piece of mind and completing all of the above with a good feeling for the entire adventure.

We have thanked John DuPriest many times for his thoughtful, thorough, careful , professional, and energetic representation of our interests , but we feel we would not be doing our share unless we offered to the public at large, those "to whom it may concern" folks who may be looking for a creative and outstanding broker/ agent our own personal experience, and we further express that we would certainly call upon John, and The Trace Corp. to represent us again, and recommend him to any potential client, without reservation.

Walter E. Furen


Caulfield Testimonial Letter
  12773 Erin Drive
Auburn, Calif 95603
July 6, 2000

Dear Friends:

I would like to tell all my friends and neighbors how happy I have been with my real estate agent, John DuPriest.

I met his wife Joyce through my bowling league and one day mentioned to her that I was going to sell my home. She told me about John and suggested that he and I should talk. I learned that John had been a real estate broker for almost 30 years in the Loomis-Penryn-Auburn area. He is a leader in his community, highly respected and enjoys an excellent reputation in real estate among his clients and peers.

I now know that all I had heard was true and then some. John worked long, long hours for me not only with the usual single sale but the first Buyer backed out just before escrow was due to close and we had to go through a second sale. I do not understand the details of a real estate sale such as the purchase contract, all of the many disclosure requirements, title search, termite repairs, etc., but he walked me through all of these step by step with a lot of patience.

He did many things that were not his responsibility to do. For instance, my children visited from out of state to take some of my things back with them including my refrigerator. John loaned me his small office refrigerator and even delivered it. It has been a lifesaver. When I mentioned that I was going to have to get some boxes to pack my belongings, John showed up with boxes he borrowed from his clients who had just moved. My children were here at the time and were amazed.

When my dishwasher malfunctioned, a technician determined that it was a circuit breaker problem and the repairs would cost well over a hundred dollars. John went to Lumberjack, bought a breaker and installed it himself at a total cost of six dollars!

I was on a long-planned three week vacation at the time the termite inspection was due. John met the inspector with a check from John's own account to get the discounted fee. He then advanced the money for the termite repairs and water heater replacement for a total of $2,570. He also personally met the workers and coordinated the repairs. All while I was enjoying my Iowa vacation.

I cannot praise John too much. There have been so many twists and turns in this selling experience that I simply could not have done it without him. He is totally honest, highly experienced and very knowledgeable in real estate and the law. I never had a concern. I was completely confident in his abilities and his work ethic at all times.

John is a senior but he has the energy and enthusiasm of a 30-year old. If any of you are thinking of selling your home or know someone who wants to buy a home do not overlook this gentleman. He is the very best.

Very truly yours,

Marjorie Caulfield


Advanced Electric Testimonial Letter
  June 1, 2000

John DuPriest
The Trace Corporation
PO Box 121
Penryn, CA 95663

Dear John:

Now that all of our various real estate transactions are completed I would like to thank you for your efforts and expertise in our behalf.

You located the perfect parcel when you found the 4 acres in Kentucky Greens and the price you negotiated saved us thousands over the listed price. The sale of our home on Pinto Court in Antelope was concluded in minimum time and at a price that exceeded our original expectations. And finally the recent sale of the home in Kentucky Greens was just as successful since you negotiated two offers in excess of the listed price one of which was all cash.

Obviously had we not been extremely pleased with your initital efforts we would not have depended on you a second and third time. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking for a real estate professional.

Please feel free to offer my name as a reference.

Very truly yours,

Wes Owsley, President
Advanced Electric
#167 Taylor Road
Newcastle, CA 95658