John DuPriest

                                                                    Maximum Marketing Effort

There are almost as many marketing methods and plans as there are Real Estate agents. And most of those agents waste valuable face-to-face time telling you how great they are and why you should list with them. But this is not about them (or me), it is about you and getting your home or land parcel sold as soon as possible and at the best possible price. After 44 years full time in this business, I have developed a marketing system composed of technology and common sense. Here is a brief summary;

Pre-listing Research – Most agents search “Sold” properties for comps on the MLS. But we do more - We also review “Actives”,  “Pending Sales”, “Expireds” and “Withdrawn/Cancelled” categories as this gives us the total picture. How long was the property on the market, how many times had it been re-listed or given a new listing number to make it look fresh, etc.?  All essential to arrive at a price that will encourage offers.

MLS – Your property is on the Multiple Listing Service within 24 hours of finalizing our agreement. But we do more – We utilize every one of the allowed 25 photos and every one of the allowed 500 characters in the property description. And we also attach extra documents/photography that promote and facilitate the sale. We give the agent who might bring us an offer all the help we can because some are more eager and knowledgeable than others. – We have our own dedicated website. One of those links under my photo is titled “Featured Listings”. When a visitor clicks on that link our listings come up with all of the details, photos and a virtual tour. Some will have attached documents that contain information and instructions not available on the listing such as the parcel map and various reports if available. We have had a web site since 1991. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of a quality web site with a quick link to each listing. And it will be even more important this year than last, and the next year and the next year, etc. (By the way if you are planning an outdoor event for the coming weekend click on “Sacramento Weather” for an up-to-date forecast.) – Every listing in our MLS goes into as well as some 350+ listings via Keller Williams.

Virtual Tours –Most of our listings have a Virtual Tour created by ourselves or where warranted, a professional photographer. But we do more – We carefully review the photos and personally select the ones to appear on the MLS.  That allows us to control the content and number of views. They are then placed in the MLS listing and on our dedicated website as well as & others. We can also e-mail the full details and photos to prospects who call on the listing. Finally we have added the capability to publish aireal photography which, in addition to the obvious, allows us to show the superimposed boundary of each property.

E-Mail – Most people use e-mail for one-on-one communication like a letter or phone call. But we do more- We have been using E-mail for over twenty years and during that time have accumulated a list of hundreds of clients, past clients, friends, prospects, agents, brokers and homeowners. Within five days of signing up a new listing we email the full MLS printout to every one of those people. (There are currently 490 people on our email database.  Why email all of them? Because almost everyone knows someone who is looking for property or has a friend or acquaintance who knows someone who is looking. And our new listing just might be the one they want.

Direct Mail - Within one week of signing the listing we will send color postcards to 100 owners of surrounding properties for the same reason we send the E-mail to our database.

Signs - Our signs are designed to catch the eye and impress the name and phone number clearly in the prospect’s thought. But we do more – We also display our website prominently to encourage contacts from phone-shy prospects.  Plus we use custom-made sign riders giving e-mail instructions so the prospective Buyer can have all of the details, photos and Virtual Tours sent to their computer.

Curbside Flyers  – Flyers are important and frequently the “first impression” of the property that the prospect sees. At a minimum there is a photo and a brief description. But we do more – ours usually have four photos and a full description. I take the photos and create the copy to emphasize the best features of a particular property.  In addition the email and website address is included as well as the address for an AutoResponder that automatically sends the full MLS printout to the prospect. We also do Promotional Flyers for mailing and for distribution at Realtor meetings. 

Direct Pitches - At Realtor association meetings we can stand up and make direct pitches of new listings with flyers in hand to the Brokers and agents in attendance. 
Open Houses – Most agents hold an open house once during the listing period. But we do more - We hold two open houses within the first 45 days; one for agents, one for prospective buyers.  We will advertise both; to the agents via E-mail and promotional mention at the Realtor Association meeting, to prospects via our E-mail database and a color postcard to the surrounding neighbors.  It is not unusual for a neighbor to have a friend who “would love to move up here.”
Follow Up - We never underestimate the value of following up on Realtor showings and calls.  We do this by collecting Realtor business cards left at the time they show your home. But we do more – We utilize the Supra Lockbox system that records electronically every person that opens that lockbox. That data is transmitted to our computer for follow up to ask the Realtor for their comments/thoughts.  We want to know what impressed or didn’t impress them.  Two or three heads are always better than one.

What doesn’t show in this plan is 44 years of continuous, full time experience in many phases of real estate plus a total involvement in this unique community.  This plan plus our knowledge, track record and hard work have been very successful.  Just ask our past clients. Click on “Testimonials” on our web site.
Please call me if you would like to discuss this plan. I am usually available 24/7.  916/201-2185. As a matter of fact call me this minute.  See how long it takes me to answer the phone.............
Yours truly,
John F. DuPriest